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Parma Calcio DLS Kits 2024/25 – DLS Parma Calcio 512×512 Kits & Logo


Parma Calcio, a name synonymous with Italian football excellence, has been a source of admiration for countless fans around the world. As the demand for customized Dream League Soccer (DLS) kits grows, we’ve responded by meticulously crafting and updating the Parma Calcio DLS kits for the year 2024. Here’s a comprehensive look at these kits that will undoubtedly elevate your virtual football experience.

DLS Parma Calcio Kits 2024 -25

The Parma Calcio football team has garnered substantial popularity and presently participates in Serie A, securing the 19th rank. Keeping pace with the latest developments, we meticulously craft custom kits in the recommended size and format. Whether it’s the home, away, third, or goalkeeper kits, they’re all primed for use exclusively on this platform. Don’t delay any further – swiftly import these kits and indulge in an immersive experience now!

Parma Calcio Home Kits 2024 -25

Copy URL : https://i.imgur.com/ZNB9K80.png

The Parma Calcio home kit for 2024 captures the essence of the team’s rich heritage while infusing it with contemporary flair. The iconic yellow and blue stripes are a nod to the club’s history, while subtle design elements add a fresh and vibrant touch. Adorning this kit, you’ll feel the energy of the Parma Calcio fanbase and the team’s enduring legacy.

Parma Calcio Away Kits 2024 -25

Copy URL : https://i.imgur.com/Tp7Mjbj.png

Our DLS away kits for Parma Calcio are designed to complement the vibrancy of the home kit. The subtle blend of colors and intricate patterns brings a touch of elegance to the virtual pitch. Whether you’re facing opponents in domestic leagues or international tournaments, the away kit will set you apart in style.

Parma Calcio Third Kits 2024 -25

Copy URL : https://i.imgur.com/Gb8tDai.png

Parma Calcio’s third kit for 2024 embodies the team’s fearless spirit. This kit is a canvas of creativity, combining distinctive colors and imaginative designs. When you’re striving for victory in challenging matches, the third kit will mirror your determination and resolve.

Parma Calcio Goalkeeper Home Kits 2024 -25

Copy URL : https://i.imgur.com/v5hp5bf.png

In the world of football, goalkeepers are the last line of defense, and the Parma Calcio goalkeeper kits honor this crucial role. With their unique designs and functional features, these kits exude confidence and reliability. Whether you’re making crucial saves or organizing your defense, the goalkeeper kits will ensure you look the part.

Parma Calcio GoalKeeper Away Kits 2024 -25

Copy URL : https://i.imgur.com/uGHRHDm.png

Parma Calcio GoalKeeper Third Kits 2024 -25

Copy URL : https://i.imgur.com/jg2jnSg.png

Dream League Soccer Parma Calcio Kits Logo 2024 – 25

Copy URL : https://i.imgur.com/Z9yZdKu.png

The logos of DLS teams serve a dual purpose – they can be utilized both on the kits and within the game itself for branding. Parma Calcio boasts an alluring logo that captivates with its understated color palette. Sized at 512×512 pixels, this logo is easily attainable through the import link. So, why delay? Acquire the logo and integrate it seamlessly into your experience!

As with the kits, the procedure for importing the logo follows the same path. Should any confusion arise, our comprehensive import guide below will provide the clarity you seek.

512×512 Parma Calcio Kits 2024 -25

The phrase ‘512×512 kits’ might have echoed in your ears quite a few times. Allow me to clarify its significance and shed light on why this particular size is essential. Essentially, Dream League Soccer exclusively supports kits in this dimension for an enhanced and high-definition gaming encounter. Here on the DLS Kits Hub, you’ll exclusively find kits formatted at 512×512 pixels, complete with logos.

The logos, spanning home, away, goalkeeper, and every kit variant, are meticulously tailored to the recommended dimensions. So, what’s holding you back? Utilize the URLs provided, seamlessly import them into your game, and dive right into the action!

A Glimpse into the Team

Parma Calcio, also recognized as Parma, stands as a professional football force based in Parma, Italy, and traces its origins back to December 16, 1913. As a top-tier football club, it holds the 19th rank in Serie A. The team boasts an illustrious history punctuated by numerous titles and triumphs, propelling it to the forefront of Android soccer games like Dream League Soccer. Explore the array of kits and customized uniforms for this team right here on this website.

The trophy cabinet of Parma Calcio gleams with accolades, encompassing domestic and international league cups, including the coveted Supercoppa Italiana cup and various Italian Cups. Amongst its crowning achievements, the club clinched the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup and the highly esteemed European Super Cup. For a comprehensive list of accomplishments, consult the team’s official website.

Given the team’s widespread popularity, it has found a prominent place in various games like Dream League Soccer. Enthusiasts relish the opportunity to take the field with their favorite team, fervently seeking its Kits and custom logos for a touch of authenticity. As part of our commitment, we’ve curated an array of authentic custom kits, all tailored to the recommended 512×512 size.

  • Team Location : Parma, Italy
  • Founded on:  December 16, 1913
  • Arena/Stadium : Ennio Tardini Stadium
  • Team’s Major Leagues : Serie A

How to Import Parma Calcio DLS Kits 2024 -25

To infuse your Dream League Soccer game with the essence of Parma Calcio, follow these simple steps to import the kits:

  1. Visit our website and locate the Parma Calcio DLS kits for 2024.
  2. Find the 512×512 pixel kits and logo URLs.
  3. Open the Dream League Soccer game on your device.
  4. Navigate to the “MY CLUB” section in the menu bar.
  5. Select “Customize TEAM” and choose the “Logo Edit” or “Kit Edit” option.
  6. Opt for the “Download” function and input the copied URL.
  7. Confirm your selection, and watch as the kit or logo seamlessly imports.

The Parma Calcio DLS kits for 2024 are more than just virtual attire – they’re a testament to the team’s spirit, resilience, and dedication. Get ready to embody the Parma Calcio ethos as you step onto the virtual pitch in style.

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