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Palermo FC DLS Kits 2024/25 – DLS Palermo FC 512×512 Kits & Logo


In the world of football, jerseys aren’t merely garments; they are symbols of pride, legacy, and modernity. Palermo Football Club, a name steeped in history, seamlessly blends its rich past with contemporary design in its Dream League Soccer (DLS) kits for the year 2024.

DLS Kits Palermo FC 2024 -25

Palermo FC stands tall as a highly acclaimed Italian soccer team, actively engaged in the fiercely competitive Serie A league. The realm of the DLS game has thoughtfully incorporated numerous renowned teams into its gameplay, including the illustrious Palermo FC. Enthusiastic fans are perpetually in search of tailor-made kits to amplify their gaming experience. Fortunately, our blog offers a comprehensive selection of home, away, and goalkeeper kits. Keep your anticipation high as you stay connected for more updates!

Palermo FC Home Kits 2024 -25

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The 2024 Palermo FC home kit pays homage to the club’s storied heritage while embracing modern aesthetics. The iconic pink hue, symbolic of the vibrant city of Palermo, dominates the kit. Adorned with black accents and the classic vertical stripes, the home jersey exudes a sense of timelessness and respect for tradition.

The traditional design is elevated with contemporary elements, including sleek collar details and subtle patterns that add depth to the jersey. This fusion of old and new captures the essence of Palermo FC’s evolution.

Palermo FC Away Kits 2024 -25

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Palermo FC’s 2024 away kit takes a bold step into contemporary design while honoring the club’s roots. The predominantly black kit features vibrant pink details, creating a captivating contrast. This departure from the home kit color palette demonstrates the club’s willingness to innovate while staying true to its essence.

The away kit’s design represents a forward-looking approach, embodying the city’s dynamic energy and the club’s dedication to progress.

Palermo FC Third Kits 2024-25

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The third kit serves as a canvas for creative expression, capturing the essence of Palermo’s diversity and embracing its global fanbase. The 2024 third kit intertwines pink, black, and white, symbolizing unity and inclusivity. This kit resonates with fans worldwide, reinforcing Palermo FC’s role as a club that transcends geographical boundaries.

Palermo FC Goalkeeper Home Kits 2024 -25

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Palermo FC Goalkeeper Away Kits 2024 -25

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Palermo FC GoalKeeper Third Kits 2024 -25

Coming Soon…

Dream League Soccer Palermo FC Kits Logo 2024 -25

The logo of Palermo FC boasts a captivating design, seamlessly blending a classic color scheme of blue, red, and white with a touch of contemporary flair. This iconic emblem mirrors the club’s rich history while embracing modern design elements. It’s a visual testament to Palermo FC’s evolution and enduring legacy.

Copy URL : https://imgur.com/wjfKbtC.png

512×512  Palermo FC DLS Kits 2024- 25

The esteemed 512×512 dimensions for the Palermo FC kits come highly recommended by the official game developers to ensure an impeccable graphics experience. In today’s era, where gaming predominantly occurs on mobile devices, we’ve taken the initiative to provide high-definition DLS kits in the 512×512 size, complete with logos.

Bringing these kits into the Dream League Soccer game involves utilizing URLs for seamless integration. You can rest assured that all the kits available here adhere to the 512×512 size format and are fully functional—no issues or errors to fret about.

A Glance at the Team’s Profile

Palermo F.C., bearing the full name Palermo Football Club, stands as a distinguished Serie A team founded on November 1, 1900, in the captivating Sicilian city of Palermo. Esteemed as one of the finest and most revered Italian teams, it has gained prominence in numerous mobile and video games. Within the realm of the Dream League Soccer game, you have the chance to enhance your gameplay with customized uniforms. Obtain the kits from this blog to elevate your experience!

Palermo F.C.’s popularity is a direct result of its remarkable achievements. With more than two Coppa Italia finals victories and over four Serie B titles under its belt, the club’s prowess shines brightly. Countless trophies embellish the club’s storied history, making Palermo FC one of the most successful soccer teams. For a comprehensive list of accomplishments, refer to the official team website.

Team Details:

  • Location: Sicilian City of Palermo
  • Founded: November 1, 1900
  • Arena/Stadium: Stadio Renzo Barbera
  • Major Leagues: Serie A

Embrace the legacy and excellence of Palermo FC through meticulously designed 512×512 kits. As you grace the virtual pitch donning these kits, you’re not just playing a game—you’re embodying a rich heritage of victories and a commitment to excellence that Palermo FC represents.


Palermo FC’s DLS kits for 2024 encapsulate a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation. With the home kit paying homage to tradition, the away kit embracing change, and the third kit celebrating unity, each jersey tells a story of Palermo FC’s journey. As players and fans alike proudly don these kits, they embody not only the club’s legacy but also contribute to its ongoing narrative of success and progress.

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