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CF Monterrey DLS Kits 2024/25 – DLS CF Monterrey Kits 512×512 & Logo


In the realm of Dream League Soccer, the CF Monterrey Kits for the year 2024 have arrived, showcasing a blend of tradition and innovation. As avid gamers and passionate football enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the latest updates, let’s delve into the captivating world of CF Monterrey’s virtual attire.

DLS Kits CF Monterrey 2024 – 25

CF Monterrey stands tall as a renowned and triumphant force within Liga MX, boasting captivating team attire. Within the Dream League Soccer universe, you possess the ability to swap out the standard kits for these personalized marvels. Keep the excitement alive by adorning your team in our impeccable 512×512 pixel uniforms. Our collection encompasses Home, Away, and Goalkeeper kits, all at your immediate disposal.

CF Monterrey Home Kits 2024 – 25

Copy URL : https://imgur.com/iidnK4c.png

The Home Kit for CF Monterrey in 2024 maintains the club’s iconic blue and white color scheme, paying homage to their rich history and fervent fan base. The blue dominates the jersey while white accents adorn the sleeves, collar, and side panels. The sponsor logo tastefully complements the design, and the club crest proudly rests on the left chest, signifying the team’s heritage.

CF Monterrey Away Kits 2024 – 25

Copy URL : https://imgur.com/NGGTrsf.png

Stepping onto the away pitch, CF Monterrey dons a striking black and silver Away Kit. The dark backdrop symbolizes determination, while silver accents highlight the sleeves, collar, and side patterns. The kit retains its sponsor logos, with the club emblem taking center stage on the jersey’s heart.

CF Monterrey Third Kits 2024 -25

Copy URL : https://imgur.com/PbBxMZ9.png

The Third Kit introduces a bold departure with a vibrant red and black ensemble. Red dominates the jersey, conveying energy and passion, while black detailing enhances its visual appeal. The sponsor logos merge seamlessly with the design, and the club crest stands as a testament to Monterrey’s enduring legacy.

CF Monterrey Goalkeeper Home Kits 2024 -25

Copy URL : https://imgur.com/gdVCOjJ.png

CF Monterrey’s Goalkeeper Kits for 2024 showcase a range of colors, providing not only functionality but also a touch of style. From vivid greens to cool blues, these kits underscore the team’s holistic approach to the game.

The CF Monterrey Kits of 2024 are not merely virtual outfits; they embody the spirit of the club and the aspirations of its supporters. As the gaming community immerses itself in the Dream League Soccer experience, these kits stand as a bridge between digital excitement and real-world football passion.

CF Monterrey Goalkeeper Away Kits 2024 -25

Copy URL : https://imgur.com/61HzRgc.png

CF Monterrey GoalKeeper Third Kits 2024 – 25

Copy URL : https://imgur.com/jj1cTY5.png

Dream League Soccer CF Monterrey Kits Logo 2024

The CF Monterrey logo boasts an exquisite design that combines captivating vector elements with expertly integrated text. The primary intention behind featuring the logo here is to facilitate its incorporation onto the kits. While creating the graphical layout of the kits, certain constraints prevent the inclusion of bands or logos. Nevertheless, players possess the flexibility to apply the logos onto the uniforms as per their individual preferences and specificities!

Similar to the process for kits, the method for importing the logo remains unchanged. If you find yourself in doubt, our comprehensive import guide below can provide clarity.

Copy URL : https://imgur.com/gkaIm68.png

CF Monterrey 2024 Kits in 512×512 Size

The discussion surrounding 512×512 DLS kits is a common one, often leading to confusion among users due to the array of kit sizes. In the realm of Dream League Soccer, the game only permits kit uploads with dimensions of 512×512 pixels, a requirement set by the developers themselves. As a result, our website exclusively features kits that adhere to these specifications, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Integrating these kits into your Dream League Soccer game mandates the utilization of URLs for successful importation. Rest assured, all kits available on our platform are meticulously crafted in the 512×512 size and are fully functional. You can confidently employ these kits without encountering any issues or glitches.

A Glimpse into the Team’s Background

Club de Fútbol Monterrey, commonly referred to as CF Monterrey, stands as a professional football powerhouse in the Liga MX. Founded in Monterrey, Mexico, on June 28, 1945, this team enriches your Dream League Soccer gameplay by participating in diverse matches and tournaments, all of which you can engage in with custom kits sourced from our website. Stay connected for more!

CF Monterrey’s illustrious history is highlighted by numerous league triumphs, including CONCACAF Champions League titles. The team’s remarkable success extends to securing consecutive tournament victories and clinching over three league titles. Competing not only in Liga MX but also in other renowned leagues, you can explore the comprehensive list of accomplishments on the team’s official website.

Team Details:

  • Location: Monterrey, Mexico
  • Founded: June 28, 1945
  • Arena/Stadium: Estadio BBVA
  • Major Leagues: Liga MX, Copa MX

Join the CF Monterrey experience, both on the pitch and in the virtual gaming world, as you sport these impressive 512×512 kits. Your passion for football finds its virtual home with Dream League Soccer and CF Monterrey!

To import these kits into your Dream League Soccer game, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit our website to find the CF Monterrey 2024 kits.
  2. Look for the 512×512 pixel kits and their corresponding Logo URLs.
  3. Open the Dream League Soccer game on your Android or iOS device.
  4. Navigate to the “MY CLUB” section in the Menu.
  5. Choose the “Customize TEAM” option.
  6. Select “Logo Edit” or “Kit Edit,” depending on your preference.
  7. Click on the “Download” option.
  8. Paste the URL of the desired kit you copied from our website.
  9. Confirm your selection, and the kit or logo will be imported seamlessly.

Stay connected with us for more updates, and don’t forget to share your gaming experiences and enthusiasm with fellow CF Monterrey fans. Let’s celebrate the intersection of technology, sports, and camaraderie through Dream League Soccer 2024!

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